Top Tips for Popping your Anal Cherry (and Loving it)

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Before you say “it’s not for me”… hear this out.

Your ass is a wonderland of sensation: a WONDERLAND, goddammit. There are nerve endings up and around there like you wouldn’t believe, patiently waiting to get in on the action. It can gift you the kind of orgasms you’ve never even dreamed about.

Why anal anything is still so taboo is a mystery. Sure, it happens to be an orifice that we ‘expel’ out of, but we also expel from our lady parts, and no one’s questioning that hot spot…

If there’s potential for physical euphoria, why not give it a whirl at least? Here’s how to make the move into anal bliss:

1. Solo expedition 

However you masturbate, try using a finger to tease your butt hole at the same time. Lightly circle around or tap it, then build up to slipping in a fingertip. Once inside, explore your newfound cavern by gently pressing against the inside walls – test what feels good.

2. The art of suggestion 

If your partner hasn’t already brought it up with you, or tried it – put it on the table. Tell them you’re keen to experiment with anal play, and that you think you’d find it really hot. You can bet on them being game for anything that gets you off, especially when it’s this kinky.

use exit to enter sign

3. Chill your bean 

A relaxed mind and relaxed muscles go a long way. Tense up and your sphincter becomes Fort Knox. Do what works for you: a hot bath, a massage, or a sneaky glass of vino. And remember to breathe.

4. Clean canvas

While you can never predict exactly what’s up the canal, it’s well worth making yourself as prepped and comfortable as possible. A thorough, soapy shower usually does the trick.

5. Get horny AF

Anal fun provides the best bang for your buck when you’re uber turned on. Once aroused, it’s the next level icing on the sex cake. The hornier the better.

6. Foreplay foray

Introducing back door action in foreplay is a great way to test the territory. It’s especially amaze during oral, when his hands are free and frisky – get him to slip a finger in while going down on you. You’re welcome.

7. Size test

When contemplating full dong anal sex, take a hot second to assess the size of the weapon in question. If the guy is hung like a donkey, it’s time to think again. Small to average dicks are perrrrrrrfect for anal (see guys…there’s always an upside).

8. Safety first

Always use condoms if you aren’t in a fully-STD-tested, exclusive relationship. To steer clear of UTIs, wash anything that’s been involved with your bum (before switching holes).

9. Lube up

If you’re not lubricated enough from other sources (ahem), use plenty of lube to ensure smooth sailing pleasure. Dryness equals soreness – and no one wants an awkward hobble the next day!

KY Jelly Lube

10. Gently does it

When he’s entering the building (aka your ass), take it super slow. Guide him physically, and be extra communicative. Too fast or too hard could cause damage, so stop if something doesn’t feel right.

11. Clit action

Once he’s safely inside, try stimulating your clitoris at the same time: a match made in heaven. Use his (or your) fingers to play with yourself, or hold a vibrator against your clit… you may need something to bite onto, it will feel that good.

So there you have it. Ready to open your back door to oh-so-pleasurable new possibilities? Yolo.

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