The 13 Best Vegan Eats in New York

I’m no bonafide vegan, but eating vegan food brings me indescribable joy. Anything that makes colorful, nutrient-packed veggies the star of the show is a winner in my eyes. Not to mention how freaking good it makes you feel; both in your body and in the knowledge that ‘no animals were harmed in the making of this meal’.

Vegan is my go to for cooking; you’ll often find me in PJs, whipping up one of Deliciously Ella‘s simple and wholesome recipes. I’m also a vegan restaurant junkie if solo dining out, or just in need of a detox (a regular occurrence). The East Village spoils me for vegan choice; one of the many reasons I adore my hood.

I’m working on it, but am yet to hit all of NYC’s vegan spots. In no particular order, here are my top picks so far:



Go for: Something easy and healthy by Union Square – I often go alone.

The vibe is: Simple, un-fussy, and candlelit by evening.

Order: Raw key lime or cacoa mousse pie (I once bought one to go and ended up devouring half of it in their bathroom). For mains, I’m a sucker for the peacebowl: 3 roasted veggies with brown rice and ginger scallion oil; try squash, eggplant and broccoli.



Go for: Solo meals, a quiet spot, raw dishes, or if you want to BYOB.

The vibe is: A mini, peaceful, zen-filled haven. I cozy up in the window and watch the world go by.

Order: Insane butternut squash soup, scallion cream cheese rolls, pesto pizzette and coconut curry quinoa pilaf. The salads are also great. Dishes are small, so mix and match. Get raw chocolate lava cake for dessert.


Quintessence vegan butternut squash soup



Go for: A catch up with friends or a relaxed date over big portions of home cooked goodness (they don’t serve booze).

The vibe is: Light, airy and welcoming: think white exposed brick, comfy chairs and cutesy flowers.

Order: Starters to share, like avo dip, spiced coconut chips, or any salads. Roast veg with tahini is my go-to main, but if you’re willing to bend on the vegan, their signature lasagna is fab (it’s veggie, but has mozzarella in it). For dessert, try strawberry or rose chocolate raw mousse, and digestive tea.



Go for: Fun but not particularly healthy dishes in an on-trend setting (kale cocktails and all).

The vibe is: Modern, minimal and cool; it doesn’t scream vegan.

Order: Korean fried broccoli and brussels sprout tacos – but everything looked good.



Go for: A fast but satisfying bite with a buddy.

The vibe is: Trendy and shiny, though a little hectic since you order at the counter and may wait for seats.

Order: Large and interesting salads, seasonal avocado toast, or the guac burger for a more substantial nosh.


By Chloe Greek salad bowl



Go for: A hot date night with healthy, sexy food.

The vibe is: Upmarket, intimate and classy. It’s basically vegan nouvelle cuisine.

Order: As much as you can, and share it all. Recent faves are carrot romesco toast, farro salad, scorched cauliflower and celery root. You won’t find any meat substitutes (e.g. seitan) on this menu.


7. CANDLE 79

Go for: A vegan experience in a classic restaurant setting. Or when you find yourself on the Upper East Side.

The vibe is: Old school New York: red leather booths, dim lights and a proper bar.

Order: Something adventurous. I had salad, but next time would definitely change it up. The chocolate peanut butter bliss dessert and homemade ice creams were dreamy.


8. NIX

Go for: A Michelin star vegan experience.

The vibe is: Sleek and classy; snag a nice round booth if you can get one.

Order: Lots to share; highlights include pea dumplings, seaweed caesar, shitake mushroom lettuce wraps, and cauliflower tempura with steamed buns and pickles.


Nix Pea Dumplings



Go for: Vegan eats on the indulgent side.

The vibe is: Basic but spacious.

Order: Butternut squash gnocchi (it’s quite rich, so you might want to share it). I hear the fettuccine alfredo is also incredible.



Go for: Plenty of menu choice and live music.

The vibe is: An East Village, bohemian, basement hangout.

Order: The raw sampler platter; it was colorful and looked like a seder plate, though a little hit and miss on flavors. My friend liked her burrito, and the cauliflower special was on point. Killer green juice.



Go for: A carb fix and asian flavors. Or if you’re with a fish eater (it’s vegan plus fish).

The vibe is: Kind of narrow and crowded in the East Village location – you go for the food.

Order: Sweet, peanutty pad thai and the garbanzo broth ramen, which was huge and brimming with every vegetable imaginable.


Souen Soup and Noodles



Go for: An authentic Asian experience and not-your-average vegan dishes.

The vibe is: Mega mellow and comfy; shoes off at the door and everyone sits in the floor (theres a sunken level to dangle your legs).

Order: Kale pancakes, tofu with broccoli, avocado stone bowl, and DIY lettuce wraps. I can’t wait to try the rest of the menu.



Go for: Vegan on the go.

The vibe is: Clean and bright, but few seats and slightly sterile: I don’t tend to linger.

Order: Addictive kelp noodles, truffle green protein salad or hearty soups. The chia or oatmeal breakfasts are yum, and the raw chocolates hit the spot.


Know a vegan eatery that I absolutely must hit up? Tell me now! Comment on this post or email


  1. Mike
    July 26, 2017 / 1:24 am

    If you live here in the East Village you should definitely hit up Superiority Burger and Organic Grill. They would definitely be near the top of my list.

    By Chloe completely screwed Chloe this year by firing her and not releasing back to her the recipes or her name branding. It’s a corporate mess of a restaurant that most NYC vegans are boycotting in solidarity to Chloe.

    Also, next time you are at Candle 79 definitely get the cannoli. It’s soooooo good.

    • shemadethemove
      July 26, 2017 / 3:35 am

      Hi Mike! Thanks for your great message. I’m most definitely still in the EV. Superiority Burger is on my to try list – I just tend to go for places with a comfy seat and that looks more like an eat and run joint? I will try it though. Organic Grill I’ve walked past a million times but haven’t ventured in. What should I order? I had no idea about the By Chloe saga so thanks for filling me in. And ok on the cannoli… sold! Thanks again 🙂

      • July 27, 2017 / 4:29 am

        Hey! Yeah with Superiority I live right across the street so I have the luxury of eating it at home. They do have a few booths though for eating there. The few dollars more are worth it for the megamouth burger, and you’ll def want to try the sloppy joe (i get it over brown rice).

        Organic Grill seems a lot better lately than it was years ago – maybe new ownership. The buffalo cauliflower is ridiculous. They have a new roasted cauliflower parmesan sandwich that kinda blew my mind last weekend. I dont like their breakfast/brunch as much as I want to, but all their bowls and sandwiches are great.

        Also the best vegan Italian I have had in the city is Johns Of 12th (in the east village). Their Seitan Parm is my jam.

        • shemadethemove
          September 2, 2017 / 2:26 pm

          Hey Mike! I only live a few blocks from Superiority myself, so I could probably also take it home to eat. I just stalked their Yelp – the broccoli salad looks insane too. And their gelato flavor right now is cinnamon tahini… Mmm! I had no idea Johns of 12th did vegan? I assumed it was old school Italian (i.e. cheese on everything). Who knew! Thanks so much for the tips – can’t wait to try…

          • September 4, 2017 / 3:58 am

            If you only live a few blocks away it will totally still be hot and fresh by the time you eat it.

            Every night I say a little prayer that Champs opens a location in the east village.

            Speaking of brooklyn vegan spots in the east village – I forgot to bring up the V-Spot on st marks. Philly cheese steak empanadas and avocado fries are ridiculous.

            • shemadethemove
              September 4, 2017 / 9:23 pm

              Mike.. I went yesterday! It was INCREDIBLE! I ate it then and there. I tried the Superiority Burger, New Creation (the winner), burnt broccoli salad and the seasonal slaw. I’m already dreaming about the next visit.. thanks for the tip off.

              Ok.. V-Spot has to be done too then – walk past it all the time 🙂

              Thanks! xox

  2. July 26, 2017 / 3:10 pm

    Thanks for posting this. Check out Champs in Williamsburg–amazing comfort food in a super cool retro diner atmosphere.

    • shemadethemove
      July 27, 2017 / 2:42 am

      Hey Duncan! It looks like you have a youtube series that I need to check out… is that correct? I have just been drooling over Champs’ yelp (those pancakes!) so I must go. Thanks for the tip!

      • July 27, 2017 / 5:19 pm

        You are correct, my wife Liz and I do a series called “so you’re dating a vegan”. We’re going to do a video about our favorite vegan spots in NYC soon, so this list was helpful. Dig your blog!

        • shemadethemove
          September 2, 2017 / 2:33 pm

          Thanks Duncan! So glad it was helpful. Just subscribed to your youtube channel (it’s great) and currently watching the end of Theo’s vegan challenge… Looking forward to the favorite vegan spots vid!

  3. Chana
    July 27, 2017 / 10:04 am

    Hi your list def. Includes some of my favorites. Divyas kitchen makes my heart smile and hangawi is an incredible experience. Have you tried seasoned vegan UWS? Ayurveda cafe UWS? Pure ktchn in hells kitchen? (try the quinoa pesto bowl) and LuAnne’s Wild Ginger All-Asian Vegan?
    ♡ Chana

    • shemadethemove
      September 2, 2017 / 3:40 pm

      Hi Chana – thanks so much for the comment. Divya kitchen definitely makes my heart smile too – perfect way to describe it! I haven’t tried ANY of the ones you suggested – but am adding them all to my ‘to try’ list as we speak – the Wild Ginger place looks particularly awesome… thanks again 🙂

      • September 4, 2017 / 3:51 am

        Wild Ginger is really really good, and they always have really good music playing. I go there almost everyday for lunch. Everything there is great but my go-to lunch is the Cold Green Tea noodles and BBQ Seitan Skewers.

        I still need to try Divyas 🙁

        • shemadethemove
          September 4, 2017 / 9:25 pm

          Get your booty to Divya’s asap Mike!

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